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Nov. 20th, 2015 11:43 pm
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IC Repair

Date of Request: ____/____/_____   Requesting Party:_______________________

General Description of Characterization Problem:

Character Information:
Make: ____________________________________ Model: _______________________
Operating System: _______________________________________________________

Is the character under warranty: [__] Yes [__] No

Customer Signature
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these messages are accessible on the network, if you have the password.

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If your ship has a Christmas tree, unless otherwise stated your gift will be left under it. If your ship doesn't have one, unless otherwise stated your gift will be left on the kitchen table/in the cargo hold. All presentsare found with a simple note: TO: (name here) FROM: Winn

Tourist Crew: 
gifts will be left under a little handmade paper tree, to be opened on Christmas morning, together, with pancakes and hot chocolate! dress code: pajamas
- every member of the Tourist crew will receive one custom t-shirt (blue). on the front, it features a logo of a spaceship with a sombrero, sipping a cocktail, with the name TOURIST beneath it. on the back, each member will have their name and occupation written, as following:
JIM - Captain
FENRIS - Security
KARA - Superhero
(if you're wondering how he got your size - take better care of your laundry >.>. and yes, he's made himself one too.) 
Additionally, each crew member will find a little individual gift.
Kara - a quilt and a small bottle of superbrew.
Jim - model of the Enterprise
Margaery - another feminist embroidery for her room+green scarf
Chloe - cat toy
Fenris - darts set

None-Tourist Family and Friends:
Kitty - one specially designed supersuit+one Cubs jersey (number 3 (because third time's the charm and he's charming, get it), Schott) worn by her boyfriend
Cisco - rubix cube+magic 8 ball with smart-ass replies such as:
* have you tried asking a magic 8 ball?
* yes. I mean no. I don't mean one of these, ask me which.
* congratulations, you're our 1000000 costumer you win this answer 
Hank - creepy crawlers set+sketchbook full of suggested suit designs. (part two delivered in person, in privacy)
Kate - purple bracelet that, with a very specific and deliberate motion, opens up into a switchblade+chew toy for Lucky - delivered in person.
Hermione - a friendship bracelet
Opal - a customized music box - the two dancers within kind of look like her and nightingale in their halloween costumes. 
Raven - a photo album, the first page filled in with a selfie he took with hank back on the hand holding planet (he's making a stupid face), and a note promising to print her any picture she likes to fill in the rest.
Steve - a bottle of superbrew (with poison marked on it cuz for normal people - that's what it is) and an american flag shot glass.
Nightingale - a locket
Peggy -  a notebook full of basic programming rules, examples, exercises, and things to watch for
Ravi - a t-shirt
Kurt - framed picture of kurt and kitty
Wrath - pink dress
Beverly - a necklace 
Pinkie - happy shaped cookie cutters
Tyrion - good bottle of booze
Maglor - local small instrument
Charles - a book of short stories
Belthazar - a pair of pants
Kirito - video game controls
Mon-El - hotel giftshop shot glass, sorry dude he doesn't know you yet.

Why yes, he has been working on these for months, how ever could you tell? :)
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* Hacking: ask me first.
* Threadjacking: yes.
* Fourth wall: ask first
* Backtagging: yes!

* Telepathy: yes, but let me know!
* Mind control: ask me first.
* Shapeshifting: ask me first.

* Consent: a must! 
* Smut: no. 

* Injury: yes, but ask me first.
* Gore: no.
* Death: ask me first.
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text  phone video  action  most things that aren't smut when in doubt: pm! ✖ biting. I promise!
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